Strangers to our human nature - each and every one of us is Alien
January 14, 2019

The audience is asked by Virtosu to take a moment to ponder on whether aliens indeed live on a different planet or, maybe, we are aliens in our own world.


Alien has always struck me as a fit name for the generic type of character which The Divine decides to delegate on certain important missions now and again.

Still, the question on everybody’s lips in need of an answer remains: who is Alien? Moreover, what is the nature of the special missions Alien carries out? One thing we should establish from the very beginning, before we even launch a debate about Alien, is that my take on it is very fluid and prone to interpretations:

to me, Alien is all people and circumstances which The Divine sends our way in order to help us find our path in life and shape us up as individuals.

Out of the infinite amount of possibilities, we manage to recognize and choose for ourselves some, while we ignore and dismiss the rest. All the opportunities we take up on, are as many happy occasions to make the most of our gifts and talents and to make our mark on the world as individuals. Stepping at the same pace with the world around gives both a meaning, and a purpose to our lives and for that reason, I like to call such blissful moments synchronicities, as we truly are in sync with everything around us.

However, varied and dissimilar their life experience, people often get to the conclusion that things, goals, and aims lose their initial appeal with the passing of time, and values they once held dear fall to pieces before their eyes.

As opposed to the happy-go-lucky times, we also have to count the days of our lives when the favors of fate evade us, and, perhaps more often than not, when we evade them!

But the hard times are sent to try us and teach us something just like the good times, if not more so: in fact, my idea of perceiving all traits, skills and abilities that make us who we are, as fundamentally strange to our essential being, finds a perfect justification in the times when we miss opportunities and fail to make the best of our talents, because all of those come across as strange, therefore Alien.

Every theory requires an example, and mine is no exception; thus, I feel obliged to put forward what, in my opinion, is the most striking example of Alien - GOD.

I don’t even have to be in front of my audience to imagine the uneasy rustle rippling through the crowds:

But God is everything and everywhere, how can be Alien?

To me, God put Himself in this category the very moment He allowed us free choice: until we willingly reach out to Him, He is as far from our intimate being as the rest of His Creation.

On that note, I would push things even further: within my art work, Alien encompasses such things as Love, Disappointment, Betrayal, as well as emotions, states of mind, and situations which can take us over, or which we appropriate and make our own instead.

As I get to the end of my argument, I would like to launch a challenge to my audience and to every member of the public, by saying that each and every one of us is Alien at times and we become stranger to our human nature with every occasion we identify with The Divine.

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